Monday, 11 May 2015

Mantri Serenity Review- Serene New Living at Mantri Serenity

Mantri Serenity Review

In case you make sense of the word reference significance of 'Quietness', it means quiet, placidity, serenity. Yes, that is the thing that Mantri Serenity is about. Mantri Developers investigating the need of the Indian people to have smooth and tranquil homes considered the considered Mantri Serenity. These perfect homes arranged at Kanakapura Main Road in Bangalore are in close closeness to awesome schools, colleges, working environments et cetera giving straightforward openness to the inhabitants. 

The kindnesses are different making presences of the occupants more sumptuous and pleasant. Temperature controlled indoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi, water rec focus, 3 supper anterooms, faultlessly completed nurseries are a rate of the high points of these residencies. The essential interest of these residencies is the 70,000 sq. ft clubhouse- "The Lotus". The well being club containing steam, sauna and back rub room can help you restore yourself after a wild day at work.

All the points of interest are extraordinarily well managed. The security of the inhabitants is managed most great validity. That is the reason, the structures made are seismic tremor safe which are seismic 2 pleasant RCC limited. Each inside divider have been smooth ened with POP.

The internal parts are done with 2 coat Acrylic emulsion paints with roller consummation and exterior with external emulsion paints. Mantri has always intended to give most noteworthy satisfaction to the customers and Serenity is well beyond towards that point. In nutshell, Serenity is a fun filled-pack that will issue you another "high" of "peaceful" living. For more details about Mantri Serenity Review visit website.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Mantri Serenity Review - All The Benefits of Living in The best Location

Mantri Serenity Review

Mantri Developers was established in the year 1999 by Mr. Sushil Mantriwith the idea of revolutionizing the real estate industry. And it has succeeded to a great deal by offering projects and initiatives that have been one of the best offerings any real estate developer has ever come up with. Through their initiatives and projects, they have been able to offer their customers the best residential projects helping them realize their dream of owning their own home.

Mantri Serenity Review

Among the many projects offered by them, one of the best project is Mantri Serenity. Strategically located, Mantri Serenity ensures that you enjoy all the benefits of living in the best location in Bangalore at the lowest cost. The advantages of staying this perfect location are plenty. All the essential amenities and requirements are available in close proximity making sure that you enjoy the benefits to the fullest.

The concept behind this project is celebrating the family culture in India. Families in India are not just restricted to the normal four people. They include the grandparents, the extended family and the people visiting quite often. And so, you might face a space crunch. But not at Mantri Serenity. Mantri Serenity offers that extra spacious apartments which make sure that it offers the best amenities and all other benefits for a celebrated living. For more details about Mantri Serenity review visit website.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Mantri Serenity Review - Serene Beautiful Homes at Mantri Serenity

Mantri Developers Review

Mantri Developers is one of the leading real estate brands in the country today. They have created a place for themselves in the real estate industry owing to the various different project offerings and initiatives that they have come up with ever since its inception in the year 1999. Mantri Developers has made a name for itself because of its quality and commitment level towards its customers. There are numerous projects that they have come up with both in the residential and the commercial domain.

In the residential domain, among the many projects that it has offered, there is one called Mantri Serenity. Located at Kanakpura Main Road in the heart of Bangalore, it is well connected to the entire city making life much easier for the people who will be living there. The transport facilities are also good enough to ensure that the residents at Mantri Serenity can travel easily from one place to another.

Apart from this there is a lot more to expect from this extremely beautiful project. Like its name, the residential apartments are located in the serene environment and help the residents rejuvenate after a long day at work. There are various amenities also available for living at Mantri Serenity. These include a luxurious fully equipped club house where people can come after a tough day at office and relax. For more details about Mantri Serenity review visit website.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Spacious Living at Mantri Serenity

Mantri Developers is one of the most well known real estate developers in the country today. Over the years it has come up with numerous projects which have made sure that they become the number one real estate developer. They have helped revolutionize the real estate industry with their initiatives like launching FDI in real estate, introducing the Mantri Corp App for the customers and so much more. With each initiative, Mantri Developers have raised the benchmark in the real estate industry for its peers.

Among the many projects that it has come up with, Mantri Serenity is one of them. It is one of the best residential projects that Mantri Developers have ever come up with. Offering luxurious 2 and 3 BHK apartments along with penthouses, this luxurious one of a kind residential project is located on the Kanakpur Main Road in Bengaluru.

Location wise, this project has a lot of benefits to offer. It is just 1.7 kms away from the Metro Cash and Carry. Also, it is very close to the Metro station. The other forms of transport are also readily available making sure that residents here will not have a tough time traveling. Also, other essentials like schools, hospitals and market places are also in close vicinity making sure life is extremely comfortable here at Mantri Serenity say various Mantri Serenity review.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Mantri Webcity - A HighTech Place for Standerd Living

Mantri Serenity Review

Mantri Developers is one of the leading real estate developers in the country today. Over the years, it has come up with numerous real estate projects both in the residential and commercial domain providing customers with the best options in both sectors. There is a lot that goes into running a company and getting it to such heights is truly commendable. It is the combined efforts of the management as well as the employees who have helped Mantri reach this stage.

The projects offered by Mantri also have a lot of role to play. Among the many projects that it has come up with there is one called Mantri Webcity. Located at Hennur Main Road in Bengaluru, this is India’s first techno friendly residential apartments. Offering 2 and 3 BHK residential apartments which truly stand out, Mantri Webcity is a residential project which is one of a kind.

The amenities here are something to look forward to. The amenities here include glimpIdea which is an app for the community, Digital Library, Music wall and so much more which will leave you completely spellbound. There is a lot more apart from these amenities which add on the luxury of these apartments and penthouses. The architecture which is inspired from neoclassical theme is also something to look forward to. For more details about Mantri Developers project and other project reviews like Mantri Espana Review, Mantri Serenity Review, Mantri Tranquil Review visit blogs.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Mantri Webcity - A Residential Place you Ever Want

The mind blowing design will spread across acres of greenery amidst IT firms and other companies. Landscaping will be done keeping in mind English gardens and each building will be arranged to have rooms overlooking the beautiful surroundings. Mantri Webcity also aims at presenting prevalent styles of landscaping in different countries so as to give a sense of global living. Apart from many ornate fountains a water body surrounded by pebbled pathways and seating area will adorn the grounds of the Webcity. Hence providing, planned thematic landscaped gardens and water features throughout the property.

The above facilities were just starters, Mantri Webcity will be a big fat package of amenities. An exclusive network of cable TV with monthly charges for uninterrupted signal, intercom facility, cell phone boosters will be provided in lifts for better mobile phone connectivity and back up and stand by generators for continuous supply of electricity. Security will be given prime importance at mantra Webcity. Trained security personnel, CCTV cameras will work round the clock to provide maximum security. Entry to the building will be restricted through access control doors and entry of vehicles to the project will be controlled with boom barriers and security screenings for visitors.

Water is essential for our living. At Mantri Webcity supply of pure and fully treated water through exclusive water purification and softening plant will be provided. Green building amenities like rain water harvesting scheme for recharging the ground water level, adequate sewage treatment and solar powered lights will also be a part of the project. The Webcity is thus not only an example of great innovation and technological development but also that of an Eco friendly residential setup.

Hence with the aim to keep the residents connected and help them socialize in the community where they are living by incorporating social networking elements blended with latest technologies, Mantri Webcity will revolutionize the way this world socializes, explores, enjoys and innovates. For more details about our other projects and review like Mantri Serenity Review, Mantri Espana Review and other project review details.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Mantri Glades: An up market Project for the Classy People

Mantri Serenity Review

Mantri Glades, a refined project of the Mantri Developers which is under construction near Wipro in Sarjapur Road is a perfect choice for one’s who long to live a luxurious stay in a penthouse spread across 195.56 sqmt to 227.15 sqmt (2105 sqft to 2445 sqft ) along with exclusive terrace. The penthouses are priced at rs 5610 per sq.ft.

The basic club house amenities provided are: a well-equipped Gymnasium,a well-equipped Health Spa with separate steam and sauna rooms for ladies and gents, table tennis, pool/billiards, TV room, ATM, Convenience Store, Multipurpose hall/party hall, Crèche, Chess/ carom and other indoor games. Outdoor amenities include swimming pool with separate toddler pool, beautifully landscaped Gardens with water bodies, reception Lobby for each block., Jogging / Walking Trail, Children’s Play Areas, Open Amphitheater space, Outdoor party area, Paved garden walk, Basketball post, Pick up and drop off point, Common toilets for Servants / Drivers.

The security systems of Mantri Glades have been designed especially for the retreat of their residents.  They have arranged for round the clock security, trained security personnel will do patrolling of the project, entries to the apartment building will be with Access Control Device provided at the Ground Floor

Also, boom barrier will be provided at the entrance gate.  The structure is Seismic zone II compliant RCC framed structure, solid concrete block Masonry and 3m floor to floor height. For more details about Mantri Serenity Review visit blogs.